A little improv on beautiful IFR TRACK

I hope this works. Practicing a new tuning to the very inspiring IFR tracks. I love playing along with the best and most natural sounding tracks I’ve found. Thanks David and crew


@Tenoch Welcome to the forum, Rod! I love this recording so much! You have an extraordinary ability for musical storytelling in your improvisation. I love the powerful emotion, your beautiful sound and all of your melodic ideas. I forget how beautiful the slide can be when it’s combined with a strong electric guitar tone. I can’t quite figure out what tuning you’re using so I would be curious to know that, and what motivates your exploration of alternate tunings. Is it specifically for the slide?

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely glimpse into your music practice. I would love for more people to share videos of their practicing. It’s one of the ways that I think we could use this forum to great benefit. Since everyone practices the IFR exercises in his or her own way, seeing other people improvise can be a great source of new ideas and creative inspiration. So thank you very much for sharing this!


@Tenoch Rod, That sounds awesome! I can tell that you are playing with your ears wide open. You’re hearing the track, yourself and especially the music in your head. That was a delight to listen to!

Thanks for sharing @Tenoch , sounds really natural and flowing.

It works for me, & obviously for the others too. Thanks for sharing. :smiley: Welcome to the forum.

Thanks so much David. I’ve been toiling in the musical trenches for many years so it’s nice to hear some kind words every now and again. Especially from someone whose musicality I really respect. Your site is a great inspiration to me and was one of my lifelines during a really rough time during the hight of Covid. The tuning is GBDF#AD. It’s like a hybrid of open G on 6,5,4th and open D on 3,4,1st strings. I THINK . It might be open D which is DADF#AD cuz I was switching that day but I think it’s the first which some call Gmaj9. I have been messing with open tunings because I’ve been playing a lot of lapsteel and Hawaiian music lately. On this day I had just tuned to this tuning hence I I was kind of fumbling and searching. It’s an interesting point because when you are kind of lost you have to use your ear instead of memorized licks or notes that are always completely inside. So I would suggest this as a a possible practice technique. Just use an unfamiliar tuning,it could be just a random tuning that u make up . Then set up a progression and play. You may come up with some great melodies. Thanks to everyone for the nice words. I’m open to talking about music with anyone interested. :notes::guitar::+1:

Thanks Woody. That’s the only way to go when you’re in unfamiliar waters,new tuning

Thanks so much Mem!