A Podcast in which David talks about IFR & how it came about

In looking through a few of the IFR blog posts recently I recalled that I’d first come across David Reed & IFR in an episode of the ‘Musicality Podcast’ (run by Musical-U, but available to all).

A few days ago I dug out that episode & listened to it again. There will probably not be any great surprises for folk here, but maybe you’ll find it an interesting listen, as I again did?

Here’s the URL: https://www.musical-u.com/learn/how-to-improvise-for-real-with-david-reed/

The 50 minute audio (with download option) is at the bottom of the introductory text block (or, if you prefer, there’s a full transcript lower down the page).


There is another David Reed podcast at Lean Musician https://www.leanmusician.com/podcast/david-reed

Has the text transcript there too - in an unhandy “small window” format

I think it’s worth watching both. They are similar but different enough to spend the extra time.

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Thanks. I’ll try to listen to that sometime (I did take a quick look, but I could only find streamed versions & to listen this afternoon I’d need a download).

I’ve had a chance to listen now. Fan as I am of Musical-U’s materials (and admirer of Christopher Sutton’s excellent interview technique too), I think this podcast, while a little rougher at the edges, actually manages to include a more enlightening set of details & annecdotes. I feel I now know more about the origins of & aims behind IFR, and how the materials came into being & are likely to develop.

If you really wanted a different format, it’s possible to select the text, so it could be copied & pasted in to a document if desired.

I scrolled through the “small window” while listening. There are some interesting & occasionally humorous mis-translations, but then it is labelled “AUTO GENERATED”, & the name Thelonious Monk is going to be a struggle for any but specially trained dictation softwaee. :slight_smile: