Access to Jam Tracks in Chord Melody Guitar

Hi David, @ImproviseForReal. I am starting to work through the Chord Melody Guitar lessons and each lesson has a number of jam tracks from associated courses. However, since I don’t own the courses it is not allowing me to access them. Is there another way?

Shelley Haiken

Hi @ShelleyHaiken, my apologies for the confusion. Those jam tracks are not part of the chord melody video course. They’re just a related practice tool that you can use to explore the same harmonic concepts in a different way. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear. We recently added those links to all of our courses because many IFR students have asked us to try to make it easier to understand how all of the different IFR courses and products fit together. It’s easy to see once you understand the method, but I understand that it’s not at all clear for someone just getting started. So that’s why we have added a section at the bottom of our lesson pages called “IFR Cross Training”. In that section we provide direct links to other lesson pages in other courses that are relevant to the content of the lesson you’re doing. What this allows you to do is to navigate much more efficiently through your IFR learning materials. But all of these learning materials are sold separately in our store, because students also want to be able to make their own choices about which resources to use, and they don’t want to pay for resources that they don’t use. So if you would like to practice with the IFR Jam Tracks that are linked on that lesson page, you would need to purchase that course at our website. Then the link will take you directly to the relevant lesson page. I’m sorry that wasn’t clear.


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Thanks David @ImproviseForReal. I totally understand. It just wasn’t clear but I now understand.

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