Bajo de Flamenco

I have always been a fan of Flamenco and Nuevo Flamenco and there is a whole world of bassists that are absolutely incredible in there technique, passion and virtuosity.

Carles Benavent seems to the originator of the form.

Here he is with Paco de Lucia.

There are quite a few players to check out.

This fellow seems to be a former student of David Reed @ImproviseForReal and too is astoundingly good.

Ah, a whole other world of sounds, modes and non western classical harmony and notation and something to pursuit when I finally can get back to home in Catalunya.


A randomly chosen youtube example of him playing

If you are interested in ‘lead’ bass, have you come across Steve Lawson? If you take up the ‘Bass Pack’ option on Musical-U you’ll meet Steve as he’s the ‘resident pro’ for Bass. I attend his live masterclass most months as even though bass isn’t my main instrument I do have one, and the ideas he discusses can be applied more widely than bass (& are generally very ‘IFR compatible’). It also helps that his masterclass happens to fall at time that’s generally convenient for me! :slight_smile:

In his solo bass work he makes a lot of use of looping & other technologies.

Here’s a youtube video from 6 years ago (he mainly uses bandcamp nowadays).

I mentioned Carles Benavent on Musical-U. Steve Lawson (who I mentioned above) is a big fan. Another name that came up was Abe Laboriel (Steve admires him & has played with him). Check out the finger nail flicks, etc., on this