Black Friday sale?

Do any of you have insight as to whether we will be rewarded with a Black Friday discount?


Hi @RedWing53 , welcome to the forum.

I’ve no idea, but then I’d not be looking since so far as I’m aware I already have all the IFR materials. :smiley:

I’d also note that for at least some of them I paid more that the current prices, and yet I still consider them to be the best value instructional materials I possess.

With most instructional materials you use them once & then move on. In contrast to that, IFR materials (book, jam tracks, courses, etc.,) just keep giving. i.e. each time I use them I find yet greater depth than I was able to appreciate the previous times round. The materials form a regular part of my practice routines & approach to music.

Q: When’s the best time to buy IFR materials?

A: Yesterday! Or even better last year, or the year before, or… :smiley:

N.B. I have no commercial interest in IFR. I’m just one of the very satisfied & enthusiastic users of the materials.

PS. If anyone is aware of upcoming deals it would be David Reed (@ImproviseForReal ).


Thanks for responding David. Nice to e-meet you. I agree with you on all of the above. The only reason I’m hoping there might be a BF sale is that I can go on a major IFR purchasing spree, take advantage of a yearly saving…rather than purchasing more courses over a long period of time which would be easier on the ol’ cash flow, lol. It might be better for me to just purchase the IFR PDF and put in some solid time instead of going berserk and purchasing all the videos I would like to get eventually…in one big Black Friday splurge. Cheers!


Welcome @RedWing53 to the forum.

I would start with the book, to get you up to speed with the method, and maybe the first set of jam tracks to give you something to work with from the start. Yes, its tempting to buy as much as you can and get overwhelmed with material, but as @DavidW said, this stuff stays with you while you progress, I’m still using Jam Tracks 1 in my practice and it was the first thing I bought after the book.

Have fun!

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