Chord Wheel Video

OKe I have changed my mind, after DAVID REED was happy whit this video .
so, here is my CHORD WHEEL

many happy music whit it :slight_smile:


I love your chord wheel, Vinny!! Thanks for sharnig it!

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Thanks for sharing!, @VINNY and congratulations on posting your first video here!
I moved your post to a new topic so it’s easier for people to find your video.

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I absolutely loved it! I’ve been talking about these concepts for years but I never thought of using a visual wheel specifically for the tonal spelling of the chords. What I love about your idea is how you immediately saw that you could use it in two different ways:

  1. To quickly see the successive thirds that you need to build a chord up from any root.
  2. To see just as quickly all of the chords that any given note participates in.

And what I like most is the love and passion for music that all of this demonstrates. It’s great to see people coming up with their own models and their own innovations. Personally I find it very inspiring and it feels good to know that we’re not alone, and that we’re part of a community of people who are passionate about understanding music.

So for all these reasons I really appreciate you taking the time to figure out how to post the video on YouTube so you could share it with our group. Thank you Vinny!



Love the wheel, it’s so elegant.

I’m not sure I really understood the second bit about using the wheel for choosing chords against melody notes, but I may need to watch again and take it to the guitar directly!

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Awesome! Thank you. I like how you included the notes #4, #1, and #5 to make the secondary dominants visual too!

@Tim, the choosing chords for a melody is a just guide to choosing a chord that contains that note by default. Naturally you can choose any bass note, but this is a great starting point. The wheel counts down the intervals in this case, assuming you want the melody to always be some interval higher than your bass, though inversions can muddy this a bit. I find those can change the “feeling” of a chord for me, so I haven’t been studying them as much because I’m still early in my journey.

But, if you have a 1 note for your melody, using the wheel and counting down this the minor third of a 6 chord, the fifth of a 4 chord, and the minor seventh of a 2 chord. Counter-clockwise 3 positions on the wheel and you’ll have any bass note chord that contains that melody note without substitutions, etc.


thanks Dave

Thanks David

sharing knowledge
is happiness


maybe this video gives you the answers :slight_smile:

nice music-time Vny;-)

Hey Vinny, very interesting video about the chord wheel. Nice way to look at it.
By the way, are you Dutch (Nederlands) by any change? I think i recognise the accent, haha.
In that case, let’s get in touch (I’m Dutch too)!

Take care, Michiel

Yes Michiel I’m ja Michiel, ben ik , net als jij :slight_smile:

let get in touch, yes !! elkaar ont-moeten, leuk!

chat me by FB chat contact via FB

feel welcome voel je welkom.

see you ! :wink:

Vny :wink:

Ga ik doen :slight_smile: