Chromatic vocalising IFR

When singing a numbered line quickly if example 2 4 6 1 it vocally flows easy. If you where to vocalise example 7 b7 6 b6 3 b3 b2 1 this is note easy to sing and difficult at speed. Does anyone have suggestions that might make this easier. I love IFR and use it all the time. this would help

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Hi FWIW, I developed a solfege system that deals with this very issue;

Feel free to check it out here:

Hi Steve, I want to say a big thank you, it is greatly appreciated and inspired some thinking / practicising. eeally appreciated Dave

@sj1 very interesting. Do you have the file to download as a printable?

Link to the youtube video, Progster Relative Solfege System - YouTube

Here is a PDF that can be printed out as a reference. Enjoy!

Progster Tonal Singing aka Relative Solfege 02.pdf (395.3 KB)

Cheers Steve