Confusing thumbnail in Blues course

On main page ( the third line of the thumbnail for lesson 12 shows a wacky/jazzy “4D 3D 6- 6-“ instead of the cool, laid back “3- 2- 6- 6-“ that the lesson told me about.

I’m guessing it is a typo (hand drawn-po?).

@da3v When I just visited that page (10 minutes after you posted) the lesson 12 thumbnail looks just fine. For me the thumbnail with the “4D 3D 6- 6-“ third line is the one for lesson 13 ‘Latin Minor Blues’.

I was viewing on a desktop machine.

Ah, my mistake. On iOS, the thumbnails huddle a little bit closer to the “Go to Lesson” link for the lesson above. At first glance, the shorter 8 bar blues thumbnail looked like it went with the Latin minor blues, so it seemed like the next thumbnail up went with lesson 12.

(The thumbnails definitely do take you to the correct lesson.)