David Reed Masterclass - 7th November 2020

Musical-U occasionally run Masterclasses, with the live showing (& sometimes a short period of ‘catchup’) being publically available.
There’s one coming up next Saturday & it’s being led by our David Reed (@ImproviseForReal ).

The class title is ‘The Magic Key’ & all I have about the content is:

David Reed is the creator of Improvise For Real and a previous guest on Musicality Now. You may have heard of this popular method for learning to improvise and it’s one of the few we feel is totally aligned with the ear-led approach we recommend at Musical U.

Improvise For Real uses the same key-based approach we teach to improvising and playing by ear in many of our own training modules and so that’s why we invited David to come present this free masterclass on on how to understand and use the concept of the key of the music.

If you’re interested, there’s a Registration page here, which will get you details of how to join the Masterclass, it also gives a link to find the time in your time zone (for me in the UK it’s at 5pm GMT).

2020-11-03: Edit first paragraph to correct a typo/spelling error. :frowning:


Registered-thanks for the prod. Looking forward to it.

Going. Thanks for this.

Thanks. Have a conflict at that time. Hope you let us know if there is a replay to watch later.

My suggestion is to register anyway (see below for my logic).

At the moment the official line (i.e. in an email about the class) is

P.S. Our masterclass recordings are available to members of Musical U afterwards but are not available publicly. So if you want to learn from David, don’t miss the live session.

If there’s a relaxation on that (I recall an occasion before I joined M-U when a window of a few days was allowed), it’s possible it might only apply to those who have registered? Back on that earlier occasion the link to the recording was in an email to the address I registered with.

Thanks, @DavidW, I registered.

Also, @MireiaClua is doing a livestream concert later in the afternoon ! Link below

Great. I just received an announcement email too. The timing may be a bit tight for me, but I’ll see if I can catch at least some of it. I’ve just posted details on the Musical-U forum as I’m sure there will be people there who will be interested.

Sorry I missed it. Thanks for the info though. The topic is probably a bit over my head right now, but maybe the next time I’ll have learned a lot more!

It’s just finished. Near the end Christopher (of Musical-U) said there is a 48 hour window for non-Musical-U people to watch the replay[1] & the URL will be advised in email.

[1] For those in M-U it will be available beyond that in the archive of Masterclasses.

Mireia’s live concert:

@hender99 The followup provides this link & says

We’ll keep the replay open until Tuesday at midnight, so hurry and watch this great presentation

The email also provides this link to a PDF handout that David prepared for the Masterclass.

I didn’t get a chance to listen live, but I just caught the replay. Wonderful. Highly recommended. :smiley:

Great and concise stuff.

Yes. Even though in effect I knew the ideas already, hearing them explained again afresh to a different audience was definitely useful.

I did watch the replay. Thanks again