Fun confusion in jam tracks

howdy folks!

just starting to work with the 7 worlds jam tracks… trying to work without looking at the titles too much and discovering some fun confusion in some of the playing, which makes the worlds a little “slippery” at times! :wink:

…for instance, in a number of the 4th harmonic environment jazz tracks, the bass frequently plays this pattern in the midst of a walking line: 6 7 1 7b 6… so it introduces a little moment of disorientation in the otherwise very clear 4th environment landscape.

of course, this is very much like the kind of passing notes that players use all the time so it’s cool and musical and all that! it just threw me for a bit of a loop the first few times i heard it, since these tracks are all about discovering the character of the 7 worlds, and that made me doubt for a moment whether i was really correctly oriented.

it’s also fun to be really sure about world 2 vs world 6 in the tracks sometimes… i’m sure some of that is me being faulty in my perception of what’s going on, but it’s also great that the tracks are “real” enough that these sorts of things aren’t always completely obvious and literal!

anyways… having a great time with IFR!
thanks for everything!

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Thanks for sharing, @plutek. I haven’t done this exercise, yet. What I have done is, for a given harmonic environment, try to find the key of the track, by just playing one note on my instrument. So in my case I was not shuffling the harmonic environments, but the keys. I will have to try your exercise, though! Thanks.