How Will we find other ifr students?

Hey Guys, love the idea of this forum. But its pretty silent still :wink: is there a plan to gather more Users? I’m willing to help. Take care, Michiel

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Hi Michiel, welcome to the forum!

Were you part of David Read’s chord melody workshop, or have you found this forum another way? The reason I ask is that this Forum has grown out of a Facebook discussion, and was set up by (another) David as an example - I guess we’re waiting to see what David Read thinks of the set-up, and other people on the chord melody course as well!

Sorry if you’ve seen all that discussion on the Facebook group already, but I’m any case would be interesting to get your thoughts - I guess after Christmas we need to think about if this is the best place to build a community, and if so how to do it, so appreciate to joining in the discussion!

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Hey Tim, I wasn’t in the workshop but David Reed granted me access to the FB group so I could take a look at some of the student videos. I’m thinking about joining the workshop in the future so I wanted to see the level of playing one can actieve in 12 weeks.
I’ve been dreaming of a forum like this for quite some time so when I saw the link on FB I joined :slight_smile:

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Hi Michiel,

Sorry for the late reply. We will communicate soon with IFR members about this website as well as a Reddit community. This should help.

Now, I would certainly take you up on your offer to help with gathering more users. Did you have a specific idea in mind?


Hi Dave,
No, I don’t have a specific idea in mind, sorry. I’m thinking we might need some help from David Reed since he knows who all the IFR-students are. But I believe he doesn’t want to be involved, so this doesn’t become an ‘official’ forum he is responsible for, right?
By the way, I didn’t know there was a subreddit. Might work even better since a lot of people already have accounts.