Ideas for ear practice

A couple of things I really want to improve on are: to recognise chords in progressions/songs and to play melodies I hear in my head.

So, I used Mireia’s @MireiaClua Pure Harmony Essentials Spotify playlist. I tried before to listen to some of the songs and guess the chords, but I failed miserably! I chose a few tracks I liked and, for this practice I cheated and got the chords from YouTube videos, then I started playing along, just a few notes from the melody and the odd dyad/triad.

I’m finding it’s really helping me make the association between what I’m hearing and what I know is the chord. I’ve also jotted down some of the lyrics and written out bits of the melody, in tonal numbers, I can recognise and play, like in chapter in the book Seeing the matrix. Now, instead of singing the lyrics, I can sing the numbers and it’s helping consolidate my Sing the Numbers (with the IFR tracks) practice. It’s also been quite useful seeing where in the melodies the chord changes are, and how these changes relate to the melody notes. This is all fun to do and I think it’s helping me hear chord changes a lot better.


That’s great. Perhaps we should tag @MireiaClua on this so she can see how you’re using the material?

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A fine path to follow. I’ll take a look.