IFR skills combined with learning a Jazz standard

A 65 year old newbies reflection here.
I am newly again returned to Saxophone playing. I gave it up when Covid started as I have a few respiratory challenges now in my life, and blowing down a brass tube didn’t seem to fit back then. Anyway life has now moved on and I have a new Tenor Sax to play with. I love Jazz standards and I will take on something I read from David about using songs/standards that you feel comfortable with.

I have been very much enjoying using the IFR materials, particularly the Harmonic Worlds backing tracks and the Chord tone materials but sometimes I get the feeling that I would like to link more directly my Harmonic Worlds/Chordal practice to a Standard I love e.g. ‘Stardust’ or ‘Love for Sale’ as I only have a limited amount of time each day to practice. So I would be interested to hear how any other musicians using IFS approach this type of activity.

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Welcome to the forum @Sratna

Have you noticed the IFR ‘Standards Workouts’?

Also, it’s heading towards the end now (though it may be re-run or repackaged in due course?) but there’s been an IFR Jazz Standard Study group thats been running since last September where David Reed (@ImproviseForReal) & @MireiaClua have been leading IFR based study of a different jazz standard each month.

Hi, Thanks David,
Yes I have purchased the Standards one and will get into those. Thanks

@Sratna Y’know, you can think of yourself as being in the harmonic environment of the chord of the moment in a jazz standard. For example, if you have a 251 progression, you begin in the 2nd harmonic environment, then the 5th, then the 1st harmonic environment. Harmonic environment changes often happen fast… You’re in the same key throughout the 251, but you emphasize the notes differently by stressing the notes of the chord of the moment, and often put particular stress on the root of the chord of the moment. One way to add emphasis is to put tones of the chord of the moment on strong beats.

Just watch out for key changes, where you might want to move everything to the new key.