Improvised 6 chord jam

Hey guys,

limitations breed creativity, right? A while back I created this jam in the 6 chord. Improvised using only the low E-string of my electric guitar. Of course it’s far from perfect but I think it’s pretty funky.
I had some fun playing with the settings in Garage Band that resulted in this spacy guitar tone :slight_smile:
What do you think?



Absolutely. :slight_smile:

More than a little funky. There’s something very satisfying about messing about with those low notes. :smiley:

Rad! I could tell by your description that this is something that I’d be in to. I guess that you recorded your guitar in a different tone and then applied the effect afterwards?

Thanks, Mike. No, I didn’t apply it afterward. GarageBand does offer that option indeed. But it also has the option to apply the effect in real time, so I heard in my headphones exactly the same thing I recorded and posted here.

Oh, interesting. I’ll have to play with that. Would be fun to get cool tones that I can’t get with my amp and pedals.

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Very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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