Is the physical book as up-to-date as the PDF?


I just recently purchased the IFR Video Course for Guitar, and I’m really enjoying it so far. I didn’t buy the bundle with the PDF book, but now I’m thinking about getting that also. I really like having physical books, so I was wondering if the physical book contents are the same as the PDF. Or does the PDF have more recently updated content?


It’s complicated! David Reed ( @ImproviseForReal ) would be the best person to answer.

FWIW I started with the PDF. Later I decided that a physical copy would be good, so now I have both. I like having both. :smiley:

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Hi @jim, the print version sold on Amazon and the PDF download at our website are identical except for the page numbers, owing to the slightly different page sizes. But all of the content and illustrations are the same.

If you have already bought the IFR Video Course for Guitar and you wish you had purchased the IFR Video Course Package, you can write to our support team to explain your request and they can create a manual invoice for you so that you just have to pay the difference. That way you can get the benefit of the discount on the complete package.

Here’s our support e-mail:

Thanks Jim, and welcome to the forum!

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Thank you @ImproviseForReal, that’s a generous offer and I may take you up on it! I listened to your interview on the Musicality Now podcast, and your description of the usual course of music education really resonated with me. I played the saxophone through middle school and then the high school marching band, but I later realized that I never learned all that much about music. I knew how to play the notes on the page, but that was about it. I wasn’t particularly great, but have always loved music. Now in my forties I’ve been learning to play guitar (middle-aged reinvigorated love for rock music) and also want to understand what I’m doing, and how to play anything I feel. I’ve gotten a lot out of the course in the first couple of weeks.

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@jim That was my ‘gateway’ to IFR too. :smiley:

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