Music player that can shuffle partial songs?


just wondering if anybody knows a music player for macOS which will shuffle songs in random order, but only play the first 10 seconds (or some duration you can set) of each song.

i’ve been playing the IFR jam tracks on shuffle, to help work on quickly orienting myself without looking at the track information. however, i’d really like the player to automatically move to another track after a short period of time, to keep me on my toes, and help me work on getting oriented quickly to a new harmonic environment.

thanks, guys… cheers!

Hi @plutek and welcome !

I had a similar need, but I was running Linux. This solution may work for macOS, but it is not a simple one. What I did was to write a script to control VLC to do basically the same things you need. The script was in python with the python-vlc module. The script itself was just a few lines.

Hopefully someone will provide a simpler solution, but I just wanted to share what worked for me when I was trying to address a similar need.



nice! i was linux-only for many years, so i’m well familiar with that sort of thing. i’ve been getting into MAX on the mac, so i’m thinking i’ll implement something there. it’d be easy in that environment to build in options for length of play time for each track, and even start point in each file, so they pick up somewhere in the middle – for even more confusion!! :wink:



easiest thing would probably to set a shortcut in VLC for going to another song. Then don’t look at your screen and press the shortcut every once in a while. :slight_smile: