Paul Davids Improv Challenge

Here’s something I’ve been having fun with. I’ve been forcing myself into composition. It’s something I had never dreamed of attempting, but getting into IFR has prompted me to give it a go.

I came across a YouTube video by Paul Davids where he sets a challenge for 10 other guitar player YouTubers (and himself), to play over a chord progression. He calls it improv, but they each have time to listen to the track and prepare something. Listening to the progression, I thought it sounded quite simple and really nice. I downloaded the backing track, which Paul posted on his Patreon page, and I’m going to have a go at improvising/composing something with it.

Here’s the link, the page gives you the chords used in the progression, Link to page with backing track. It also has a link to the video of the challenge.
If you want to try to work out the chords by ear yourself, here’s a link to just the track Link straight to the track (I think!)

I’m going to listen to the backing track a few times, and try experimenting myself with some IFR exercises (like Melody Paths) and see what I can come up with. Then I’m going to watch the video again and really listen closely to what the other players do, maybe I’ll try to transcribe some! Think it will be a good learning exercise.


have FUN

be creative

out off your head, just DO


Mem, I i.proviced on your download

hapoy experience.


thanks for charing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks a lot @mem. I had watched this video before, and I found it interesting to hear the different guitar players explain how they approach improvisation. We can, I think, identify those more focused on theory, and those relying more on their ears. There are also some lovely improvisations to listen to.

For those who don’t want to click on links, here is the backing track online:

And the video:

By the way, is anyone interested in recording an impro with this backing track and posting their performance here? I may give it a try…

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That’s sounds a good idea. I’m in. You need to set a deadline.

A deadline to motivate ourselves to post the improv? :smiley: what do you suggest, two weeks? Anyone will be welcome to post after this, still :grin: