Piano for Non-Pianists video series

I will soon start watching this great video series of Piano for Non-Pianists by David Reed.
This content has been there for a little while on YouTube, but I think it’s convenient to have all the videos accessible from this post. Enjoy! :musical_keyboard: :musical_note: :grinning:


I watched and played along with all of the vids here today. My brain feels really good! Thank you, I will be practicing these lessons a lot. I’m going to focus on rhythm with every finger and chord exercise. This is FUN!



I noticed the piano for non-pianists video series was removed from youtube. Just wondering if there was a reason why as i found it great. I was using it as one of my main resource for IFR piano learning. Is it just unlisted now?

HI @mfjarlie , welcome to the Forum.

I just tried a semi-random selection (1, 7 & 12) of the above videos and they all worked fine for me. Presumably not so for you? If so is it possible for you try an alternative Internet connection to see if you still can’t access them? It might also be relevant to know roughly where you are accessing them from, e.g. I’m in the UK and they seem fine from here.

I’ll tag David Reed (@ImproviseForReal) so this gets highlighted for him.

Hi @mfjarlie, thanks for bringing this to light. And thank you @Dave for thinking to create this post a while back. Thanks also to @DavidW for tagging me.

We have made some changes recently in our YouTube channel but you can still watch all of these videos. Here’s what’s different:

  1. Like everyone, we are always having to reevaluate how we use platforms like YouTube. The platform itself is changing very rapidly in ways that consumers don’t necessarily see, but that greatly affect content creators. In response to this evolution, one of the decisions we’ve made is to have a much smaller footprint on YouTube. Many of the videos that were previously visible on our channel are no longer being displayed to new users.

  2. However, all of the links in this post will still work perfectly. The videos themselves are still visible to anyone who has the links. It’s just that YouTube no longer shows these videos to new users browsing for IFR content on YouTube. So you can still use this post as your jumping off point for watching the entire series, and in fact this change only makes this thread by @Dave even more valuable. Thanks again, David Robert!

  3. This entire series is also published on the IFR piano blog. Here’s the direct link:

  1. If there are any other videos that you’re trying to find on our YouTube channel without success, most likely the video is published on the blog at the IFR website. If you’re not sure or you can’t find something, you’re always welcome to post a question here and someone will help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Thanks for raising the issue and to everyone else who has contributed to this thread. I’m glad some people are finding this video series useful!



Thanks @DavidW !! Appreciate the quick response and for welcoming me. Glad to be part of IFR

Thanks David @ImproviseForReal - whew thank you :grin:.

I thought they were gone forever. And yes I find it quite a valuable little video series



Wecome to the forum @mfjarlie, hope you are having fun with IFR.

Thanks for reminding us about these lessons. I’ve been doing some regular piano practice since starting the Campfire Challenge with popMatics, I think I’ll revisit these lessons in order to incorporate an IFR focus as well.