Piano twist for FOLLOW YOUR VOICE exercise

Let me share this recent YouTube video for connecting your voice, your inner audiations, and your instrument (shown on piano but could world on any non-wind instrument)

It’s not exactly an IFR exercise - but it’s in the same ballpark.

If you want a step by step explanation of this exercise, go to this earlier video and watch the first few minutes and then skip over to the 9:45 min mark and watch from there:


I’m really interested but don’t have time to watch a 17 min video now. But I saved it for later viewing and plan to get back to it.

Me too. From a quick glance the basic idea seems to be to sing while at your instrument while you ‘go through the motions’ of playing what you sing, but only occasionally actually play notes audibly (to check if you are on track)?

Nice video. Thanks for posting. After watching right through, yes, that’s the basic idea.

Yes, same ballpark. Use the basic idea, substitute singing numbers for her skat style ‘la di di da’ & the ‘seven worlds’ for modes and ‘hey presto’ you have an IFR exercise? :smiley:

The level at which Aimee Nolte does it is well beyond me at present, and not just because of the range she can sing! :wink:

The exercise is at least a bit reminiscent of some of the exercises that @MireiaClua uses & suggests in her Ear Training for Musical Creativity workshop?


I’ve been watching some of Aimee’s stuff lately. Thanks for pointing this video (and her channel) out. I think her vision of music matches the IFR method nicely. I noticed I already can do some point-and-sing on the guitar. On a whole different level of course. She’s very good at both jazz piano and singing :slight_smile:

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Thanks @hender99, I just edited your initial post to have the videos displayed embedded in your post.

Both are great videos, I really liked the second one. I think Aimee explains very well some concepts we are learning with IFR, for instance the value of always knowing where the notes on our tonal map are.

Thanks again, I just subscribed to Aimee’s channel