pracitcing rock standards

i have bought most of the ifr materials and i love all of it. i wasnt getting anywhere with improvisation till i discovered improvise for real. one trick i use now to get a little affirmation of my progress is to go to youtube and find a backing track with highlighted chords for a popular rock song that i know and love. i then practice over it and it really shows me how far i have come. its really fun to play over some simon and garfunkel or bob dylan or even jeff buckley. all thanks to david and his fantastic work!


Welcome to the Forum George.

Earlier this week I watched Blues Brothers 2000, with (acoustic) guitar in hand. I’ve no idea what chords were being played[1], I just tried to ‘feel the key’ and jam along. A fun movie made even more fun! The idea of doing that would have been mind blowing when I started. Actually, it still is! :slight_smile:

Thank you @ImproviseForReal (David) & @MireiaClua & @Jelske. :smiley:

[1] Given the nature of most of the music & having done IFR RCbE I could probably have had a guess, but I was just watching a movie & just having a bit of extra fun, so I stuck with playing in the key. :wink:


Welcome @george99, and thank you for sharing that wonderful image of your practicing! Improvising over my entire music collection is one of my favorite activities. It’s equal parts challenging, enlightening and fun. And I can see how the artists you mention would be very inspiring to solo with. I’m so happy that IFR has helped you expand your creative horizons. I wish you much more continued success and happiness in your music.

And thank you @DavidW for sharing that fantastic experience with Blues Brothers. I love imagining you jamming along with Jake and Elwood! :slight_smile:

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thank you for all you have done to advance musical education. i am amazed when i read reviews and people fault your method and the reasons they give show they have no idea of what you teach. thanks again for all your work, you have certainly helped me!


Thank you so much for the kind words, @george99. I’m glad you’ve joined us here on the forum!