Practicing telling a story and hitting chord tones

Hey all, I’ve been working through Seven Worlds, Melody Paths, and also working on telling a musical story with my solos. Here’s some jazz fusion, bossa, and a jazz standard. Enjoy! I’m open to any feedback you have.

IFR Playlist


That’s very cool!

Great @HardBopJazzMan, have just listened to the first track so far and its excellent! Well done, lovely phrasing and feeling throughout, that Melody Path practice is clearly paying off.

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I’ve also only listened to the first so far. Sounding very good. Well done. :smiley:

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@mem Thanks for listening, and I appreciate the feedback! Melody paths are indeed powerful.

@DavidW Thanks for listening David, glad you enjoyed it.

@ImproviseForReal Hi David, I wanted to express my appreciation for the effort and work you have put into the IFR method. It really does work! I never thought I would be hitting chord tones and playing so melodically as I have been. It’s really quite exciting! You’ve done a fantastic job on everything.
Seven worlds and melody paths were especially effective for me as a sax player.

I’m going to see about getting my other friends involved in this as well. Hopefully we can get a couple more members on the forum here.

Thanks again!


Beautiful playing, @HardBopJazzMan! What I most love is that you’re using the IFR concepts and exercises in exactly the right way, as a practice that helps you learn to see the musical landscape more clearly, but not as a substitute for your own musical imagination. In your improvising here, you’re following many fantastic melodic ideas that occur to you. This is exactly right. The ideas are still coming from your own imagination, but your Melody Paths practice just makes it easier for you to understand your own musical ideas and express them. Thanks for sharing your music and welcome to our forum! - David