Reconise chords , 2 chord Major


as a student, to reconsign Chords, it’s a challenge!

so I came on a video , to try to give me chrods melody.

what I found was this

to analyse the chords he 's using, I found the 2 chord in it.
to recognise by ear,…not yet :wink:

do you recolonise the 2chord Major in the melody?
let me now!


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I have lots to learn so my answer may not be correct. I am not hearing the chord 2. I hear:

1 | 5 | 1 | 5 
1 | 4 | 1 | 5

In the key of E (i.e 1 = E)

Regarding the melody, I also hear chord notes:
Chord 1: 5 3 1
Chord 5: 5 4 5 (2?)
Chord 4: 6 4 1

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thanks for your re-action :+1::blush:

that option
I will here again.

what about the patrons of
chords he used.

do they fit in the 1 chords?

it’s exiting to go on detective this melody…:nerd_face::thinking::wink::muscle::+1:

I love that you are using A Johnny Cash tune. Talk about striping it back to the basics. He did so much with so little. The American Recordings series produced with Rick Ruben are just such a testament to Mr. Cash’s legacy. It’s not about complexity. It’s about communicating emotions.

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for me
is the wisdom
to create…

Vny :slight_smile:

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Which reminds me of a great thing David Reed (@ImproviseForReal) said in the Musical-U Masterclass he did last weekend

Master Complexity by Studying Simplicity

I now have that written on a couple of cards in strategic places, with the addition of a single word below that in capital letters: