Resource for practicing rhythm and tonal patterns

I own a copy of the book progressive sight singing. I haven’t gone through much of the material because I don’t care too much about reading for now. But I just remembered that there are MP3s available that could be of great use with the IFR method. Furthermore, the book contains separate rhythm and tonal sections, so you could use it to at cover rhythm. The MP3s do not contain the full exercises, but the patterns that are introduced at the beginning of each capter. similar to how it’s done with the sing the numbers series. If you are not interested in reading them, you wouldn’t even need to get the book.

The link to the MP3s: Rhythm and Tonal Patterns mp3s

@martinmr In the UK at least that is a reallyexpensive book! Older (2010) edition over 250 GBP, 2022 edition not much under 100 GPB (& with a 3-4 month wait for delivery from the US)! I did find a place (in the UK) offering it for as ‘little’ as 76.49 GBP. I don’t expect to be adding it to my library any time soon!

But I might talke a look at (listen to) those mp3s to see (hear) what they offer. Thanks for the link.

Here’s the book’s ‘home’ (same Oxford University Press site as the mp3 link you provided):

From the website, the book looks more like a student text book, to accompany a taught course. Probably why it’s so expensive. Also, the focus seems to be on sight reading and not playing by ear (I could be wrong, it’s jusy the impression I got).

The mp3s might be useful though.

I found a big set of flashcards here:

These could be used to play each one into a recording device and then used for a Feel the Numbers exercise.

Agree on all those points @mem, added to which I guess it’s not a set book at any UK establlishment making it a special order.

The website is pretty comprehensive, but parts of it seem to be under maintenance just now.

However the other book ‘Forward Motion’ has arrived ahead of schedule & I can confirm that very near the front of the book it includes a description of how to find the web resources - presumably exactly the same resources as for the PDF version of the book?

Similarly for the ‘Additional Exercises@mem ?

Yes, very expensive book but if you are not interested in reading, you can just use the MP3s like you do the sing the numbers files. There’s a gap after each example in the files, so it gives you the chance to sing back the pattern.

You can find a used copy of the PROGRESSIVE SIGHT SINGING book at for about $30, which makes it not cheap but not ridiculous

There is another interesting ear training book called SIGHTSINGING THE COMPLETE METHOD FOR SINGERS by Mike Campbell, which doesn’t come with audio but it does teach you step by step to read music notation as tonal numbers and sing that. (multiple keys)

I found this useful as I work on reading traditional music notation, and converting that in my mind to tonal numbers and sounds. I am taking this approach because there is just sooo much traditional music to use.

By the way, you might find a PDF of that book on the Internet if you ask Google to look

Having played some piano, my sightreading is ok, what I need to work on is my ears, hearing notes and being to identify tonal numbers and play them on my instrument.