To Save Time - Full Course .zip files


I suggest that it would be a minor, but definitely helpful addition if IFR could arrange to provide full-course .zip files for all purchased courses, and to put that full-course download on the top page for the course where it will be seen so the user can know it exists (before getting to the end of the course!)

I realize one could argue that IFR wants to encourage deliberate step-by-step learning and practice, but I’m still going to speak for the opposite idea - all time is precious, and time spent in downloading and file management that doesn’t absolutely have to be is simply time lost from life and music!

In my case, I want to prepare a CD of the .mp3 files for use in my car while driving, and as the files are not all that big, I want to put multiple courses (e.g. Sing the Numbers 1, 2, and 3) on a single CD.

Currently, this requires 5 + 7 + 1 (yay! - but only because I looked ahead to the last page) = 13 separate download and extraction operations rather than just 3.

Other use cases may be different, but the idea is always the same - fully value the customer’s time and keep the administrative mechanics always as minimally time-consuming as possible.

Thanks for your consideration (and as always, for the wonderful material!).

@sj1 :smiley: Yes. I was very pleased when I spotted how @ImproviseForReal had organised the download (& the PDF) for Sing the Numbers 3. I guess we all hope to live & learn & refine the process along the way. :smiley:

PS. I have a comprehensive set of IFR .mp3 files on my portable digital player too - plus a set of playlist (.m3u) files to allow me to conveniently play specific sequences. e.g. various sets I use when I’m on my exrercise bike!

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Point well taken @sj1. This entire issue is long overdue for an upgrade. Many of those download decisions were made years ago when many students had trouble downloading large zip files, so it was preferable to break the courses into multiple downloads. We can still continue to offer that option for people with slow internet connections, but for most people today it would be no problem to download the entire course in a single action.

But this issue also overlaps with a much larger initiative which is to create an IFR app that allows students to access all of their content much more easily from any device, with intelligent downloading and local caching so that students can use their files even when they’re not connected to the internet. All of this is in the works for 2022/23.

What we can do in the meantime is put a download link right at the start of every course. One way we might do that is with a “lesson 0” in every course which would be a welcome/orientation video, with a download link for all course files right there.

I’ll add this to our “to do” list and hopefully we’ll get this in place over the next few months for most of our courses. I appreciate your patience with all of these technical requests. We’re definitely moving in exactly the direction you’re imagining. There are just a lot of moving parts. But thanks for the suggestion and the push!


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