Tool for converting sheet music to IFR notation

Hi @Olivvier, thanks a lot for the feedback. There was indeed some unexpected behaviour in the program. All the points you mentioned should be fixed now.

Hooray, thank you @jessevoostrum, it works perfectly fine now!

I hope that it’s possible to keep it accessible… forever :joy:! If not, if one day you plan to do a standalone *.exe file, i wouldn’t mind to pay some money for it.

Have a nice day

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Dear Jesse (and all)
I tried the new configuration and I am unable to use this as the server is down. I second Olivvier…a stand-alone would be perfect…and of course we will help supporting this great effort

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Hi all,
If I am correct, the website should be working again.

There seemed to be some kind of error with memory usage on the server, which was hard to trace. I now increased the size of the server the application is running on. I am not sure if this is a permanent fix or just temporary, so please let me know as soon as you experience any problems, then I will look into them.

FYI: for now I will focus my efforts on creating a useful web application and do not plan to make a standalone version of it in the foreseeable future. I however do also not plan to take down the website so hopefully that is an acceptable compromise :slight_smile:

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@jessevoostrum I wonder if that was the cause of some issues I had trying to run the app a week or two ago with ‘Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring’? I could run a chart for a simple selection of options, but adding more would cause a long runtime followed by a server error. Using the same options with a simpler tune was okay. Perhaps the server was just running out of resources with Jesu Joy?

Perhaps you could test with that tune?

Thank you for the suggestion. I was also trying to follow similar trails before, but then I noticed that even whilst trying the exact same song with the exact same settings, I would sometimes get an error and sometimes not. It is still not entirely clear to me how this can happen but increasing the memory at least seemed to have solved it for now, and hopefully for good.

Hi all,
In the background I am still working on improving the web application. The website is no longer available under the old link I sent, but instead can be found here:

and here:

hopefully soon, I will write an update with the improvements and new functionality I implemented.


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This is very cool, thanks Jesse and all. I’m new to IFR and I have a question though. In IFR are minor keys always number-notated in the relative major key? When I see Summertime I’m used to thinking of the 1 as A in the key of Am.

Hi Herb, thanks for your message. Could you please send it again in the new thread?

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