Videos of your improvisations

Hey guys,
I would to love to see some videos of other people improvising with IfR! There is an entire forum section for this, as you see, but it’s still empty.
I should probably set the example and post a video of myself, but I don’t have one (never recorded myself). I’m taking a couple of days off next week. Might be able to record a quick video then. Don’t expect too much though, i’m not that good. But that’s the entire point, I guess. No bragging or showing off, but encouraging each other :slight_smile: So please, let us hear your music!

Please post a video of you playing!



That’s a great suggestion! I will try to record something this week-end. In the meantime I’m going to post a video I made during one of the IFR workshops.

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I’d love to see the videos!

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