Visualizing the piano keyboard as paths (within Landscape)

I created this visual when doing the Landscape activity on the piano, sharing in case others find it helpful. I’m working on diminished chords now and it’s cool to see that they are just the Landscape with minor 3rds (and there are just 3 of them really).


can you please explain what you mean by ’ path’.

a path , 1 x octaaf?

inclusive all notes?


Hi Vinny! Sorry that was not clear, and I didn’t explain. In the first row, when you are exploring half steps, you have the entire keyboard available, or one path.

In the second row, with whole steps, no matter which note you start on, if you only play whole steps, you will have exactly half of the keyboard available. But if you start with a note half step above your original starting note, then you will have the other half of the keyboard available. So if you are only playing whole steps, there are two different “paths” available. In other words, one path is C, D, E, F#, G#, A#, C all over the keyboard. The other is C#, D#, F,G,A,B,C# all over the keyboard.

Then as you explore minor thirds, you will find that there are three different “paths” depending on which note you start on. (Minor thirds stacked together create a diminished chord and in fact there are also only three diminished chords.) And so on.

If this is still unclear let me know and I can make a video.



thanks for your explaning :slight_smile:


Thanks… very useful to me. Pass on any other piano finds when you can.

Hi Angela - here’s #1 of a 3 part series on Youtube (very short videos) that suggest IFR-like exercises on the piano as the first step in improvising, with a big emphasis on FLOW to begin with. You might like these for an investment of 10 minutes or so… and you can easily see how to expand them after you get going. Very hypnotic to do.

@hender99 Thanks for that. 10 minutes well spent. Nice attitude. :slight_smile: I downloaded his ebook too (there’s a link on the youtube page).