Am I the only one ;-)

Am I the only one hearing music when changing gears on my bicycle ;-)?

There is music almost everywhere if you are open to it & have a broad enough definition. :smiley:

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When first hearing “3-1” sung in the lessons I immediately thought to myself “That’s a doorbell!”. And sure enough, after googling it, I confirmed that “3-1” (descending major third) is indeed a doorbell!


So I was saying “Morning!” to my coworkers this morning and started to particularly notice the intonation of my voice. I started thinking “Am I naturally saying this in a certain interval? No way!” Mind blown.

Is this what happens to you, when you start doing ear training? :joy:


I was going to share "There I ruined it’"s brilliant musical version of Samuel L Jackson saying “I don’t remember asking you a god dam thing” from Pulp fiction. But he’s been taken down by the music usage facist bots! :frowning: