Chord Melody course and P4 Tuning

I’ve recently started off with the Chord Melody course where David presents the course in standard tuning.
I’ve been looking at learning to use P4 tuning and applying it to the Chord Melody course.

What are the pros and cons with P4 tuning use for the Chord Melody course, and that style of playing?


I haven’t done the Chord Melody course, but do use IFR with my guitar tuned to perfect fourths, and I find it very easy to follow the method. It’s a lot easier than standard tuning (for me) to visualise the tonal map anywhere on the fretboard without worrying about the odd tuning over 2 strings in standard.

I watched some of the free videos from the course, and I’m currently doing the Deep Foundations course with my P4 guitar, and its very easy to just re-interpret any instructions David gives about the odd tuning.

@rcguitar1 It’s absolutely fine to use P4 tuning with the Chord Melody course. That’s exactly what I did.

All the usual arguments for (& against) P4 tuning in general apply just the same. The big pro being that the same interval logic applies right across the fretboard.

Everything described in the course is fine for P4. The only difference is that we P4 people use slightly different positions on the highest two strings; I found it easy to accommodate that when following the videos. The difference does make some combinations involving those strings more awkward, but it also makes others easier.

It’s up to you to decide if the pros outweigh the cons or vice versa given how (& what) you wish to play.

My suggestion is to give it a try. All learning is useful… :slight_smile:

PS. As you are probably aware, David Reed (@ImproviseForReal ) himself prefers P4 tuning and uses it when he’s playing for his own purposes. He only transfers back to ‘standard’ tuning when he’s running courses because it’s what the vast majority of players use & expect.

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Thanks @mem and @DavidW for your responses. Good to know that P4 tuning can work with the course. I’m still thinking about it.