Connecting mind, voice, instrument

I ran across this nice explanation, and I thought I’d share it. Takes about 5 minutes to read

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Hi Allan,

Thanks for sharing this. I think the beginning is especially good, describing the experience of imagining sounds and learning to focus on them. Even this first step is a barrier for many people. So anything that helps you discover these sounds inside your own imagination is positive. From there, you know that we believe in a much more holistic approach to ear training, because in IFR we believe that recognizing the sounds by ear should be a natural part of the way that you practice music right from the beginning. But I realize that most mainstream teaching is coming at ear training from a very different direction, so thank you for sharing this article and for starting a conversation about it. I would love to know about your own experiences with learning to express the sounds you imagine. And if anyone else would like to share their perspective, you are more than welcome!