Digital Piano Out of Tune with Jam Tracks

Hi IFR people, :smiling_face:
I am fairly new to IFR and am loving it! However, my Yamaha Clavinova is not in tune with the jam tracks.

A quick google search indicates:

> digital pianos are set at A = 440 Hz. This instrument cannot go out of tune . Therefore, regular maintenance such as tuning is not required.

I would assume the jam tracks are also set at this mysterious A=440 Hz. How do I get the two to be in tune with one another? Anybody else have experience with this?

Thanks for any help you can give!

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Which track(s)?

@GirlWoman Welcome to forum. I read that statement as meaning that it’s always in tune within itself. That perfect tuning can however be at an offset from other instruments. I imagine that’s the most likely thing that exists here?

All the digital instruments I have have a means to adjust pitch (which I’ve never used). I just downloaded the CVP-909 CVP-905 manual from the Yamaha website and it includes this on page 41:

Fine tuning the pitch
By default, the pitch of the entire instrument is set to 440.0 Hz according to equal temperament. This setup can be changed from the display called up via [Menu]  [Tuning]. For details, refer to the Reference Manual on the website (page 9)

Maybe that’s the solution?

It might also be an idea to include David Reed (@ImproviseForReal) in this discussion.

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Hi and welcome! The good news is that this is almost certainly a setting change you can make on your digital piano. I suspect the transpose button which adjust every note by a half step, full step, or more to make playing in other keys easier. Check in your manual for a way to reset the piano to factory values and that should fix it, but if not let me know and I can help you troubleshoot further!

Thank you @Angela, @DavidW, and @da3v for your kind responses! You are all amazing and I appreciate it. I now have what I need to proceed. I’ll let you know how it goes. :hugs:

Hi @GirlWoman, thanks for sharing this issue. If the above mentioned ideas don’t solve your problem, please do give us a list of some precise backing tracks where you are feeling this discrepancy in the tuning. That way we can investigate those specific tracks and try to figure out why they aren’t sounding right to your ear.

Thanks and welcome to our forum!


Hi IFRers and David at @ImproviseForReal,
The answer to your question, David and @da3v is ALL of the tracks were out of tune with my instrument.

Good news is that I just now further investigated and found the answer and it feels resolved. See attached screen shot from my owner’s manual on how to raise and lower the pitch by 0.2 Hz increments.

It has now been returned to the default setting of 440.0 Hz. I suspect when I first got the digital piano I was playing around with all of the functions and inadvertently set it to non-default settings.

Thanks again for your support!

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