Ear Training Workshop

I was wondering who here has signed up for the Ear Training Workshop starting on Saturday 6th Jan?

I’ve taken advantage of the discounts offered and am looking forward to getting started on Saturday.

I have already got, and worked through, the Ear Training video course, but I’m really looking forward to going deeper and interacting with the other participants on the course.


@mem I’m in.

I think maybe you meant to write Saturday 6th January 2024, but it got inadvertently shortened?

Ooops, I’ll correct that.

Great, you have done the workshop before I think, how are you going to approach it this time?

@mem I’ll just take it as it comes. I’m guessing it will be on the ‘Circle.so’ platform that’s been used for the Jazz Study Group and Deep Foundations. If so then that’s different from the earlier runs (which formed the basis for the video course). Also different will be the addition of Paul Bourque to the traching team. Plus there was something about the description of the course that Mireia gave in the round up video at the end of Deep Foundations that made me wonder if there might be at least a little additoinal content too?

Only one way to find out… :smiley:

Indeed. I’ve been reviewing some of the material and thinking up variations on some of the exercises, which has been fun. I know you have specific practice routines using StN and FtN tracks. I’ve been thinking of ways to carry on with the Seven Worlds stuff we’ve been doing in Deep Foundations. I know this course will focus on 1st HE, but I was thinking of trying to do some exercises in the other HEs.

For example, today I looked at the notes 1, 2 and 3 tracks and wondered if I could practice these notes in 2nd and 3rd HE. Very interesting and a lot of fun, but I may be straying off-piste a bit with the course!

I’m enrolled. I have the old video course, so have been prepping a little downloading tracks and lessons, tweaking my practice space, etc. I tend to get immersed more in gear than music sometimes, and this is one of those times - Setting up OBS app on my Mac to record 2 cameras (one on my MIDI keyboard, one on me) along with audio mix from Logic Pro of a virtual instrument and a Shure vocal mic and picture in picture window of my Total Tuner app on my iPad registering the pitch of my voice while I listen to the mix on my closed back headphones.

I had not progressed beyond Lesson 1 of the old Ear Training course before taking the Deep Foundations course because at the time I believed I could not sing in tune at all. After DW’s encouragement, I now believe I will be able to, but there is still a lot of work to be done on that front. So I’m looking at the new workshop as an opportunity to grow with both my voice and my ear.

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Wow, that’s quite an impressive set up you have there. I trust you will be giving us samples of your practice on the next course.

Stick with the singing practice, it’s a real game changer! And please don’t worry about how you sound. It’s not about being a great singer and producing an impressive performance. Singing will really connect you to the sounds and notes of the tonal map and improve your playing in spades. I can say that from my own experience.

@bruce One of my Christmas & New Year break projects has been to properly set up & combine some new kit I’ve accumulated over the last few months but not really got to grips with! I work with tech in my day job, so when it comes to music time I’d much rather just play (in both senses) than do more tech, even though I know that doing the set up & learning how to use the kit will offer more possibilities. I’ve pretty much got that done now, I just need to get used to using it (one item is a MIDI foot switch & getting the timing right for some of the switching appears to be an art that needs practice in itself!).

Thanks for the advice and encouragement! I’m hoping that putting the pic of my setup out to the world will make it so I can no longer hide! We will see, lol.

I’m still recovering from the loss of my voice last spring, need to build it back up with therapy exercises before musical exercises. Maybe I can make a video on what that is like.