How does this help with more technical playing?

I’m looking to play songs similar to Elliott Smith and John Frusciante - both of whom are extremely technical players. I’m unsure of how learning this method would help in playing their styles on guitar.
Furthermore, I’m a college student and can’t afford the guitar course - how much better is it than just the regular book?
Thank you very much!

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I’m not familiar with either player, but IFR isn’t about teaching you ‘technique’ or how to play in any particular style. David Reed (@ImproviseForReal) would provide a better answer but I’ll say that it’s more about helping you to discover the ways sounds interrelate in music, discoveries that will tend to bring out the style that is in you.

The coverage of the book goes beyond that of the IFR guitar course, but aside from a very small section[1] near the beginning isn’t at all instrument specific

If you use the book dilligently (& that doesn’t mean just working through it as a ‘tick’ list - it’s not that sort of book), you’ll cover the same ground, and more. The advantage of the course is that you get David explaining things with words & actions & examples directly related to the guiitar, plus the extra structure provided by having a series of lessons to work through.

The book is the core. If you take to the IFR approach, it’s a resource that you’ll return to many times over the years. If it’s an ‘either / or’ situation, I’d personally go for the book.

I hope that helps.

[1] 10 or so pages on using guitar with one of the core exercises ‘Landscape’, and similar for bass.


Hello @jackbat4, and welcome to the forum.

I agree with @DavidW, the IFR method is all about improvising in your own style, and if you have really internalized the players you mentioned, then their influence should come through as well.

Yes, it’s not so much about learning a specific technique or style, more about giving you a framework to understand what you hear in your head and transfer that to your instrument.


Thank you for the thorough response - I really appreciate it!