IFR Deep Foundations Workshop or IFR Video Courses

Hello, I recently purchased the Ear Training for Musical Creativity course and thoroughly enjoy it.

I was thinking about also getting “Introduction to Melodic Improvising” but I saw there’s a “IFR Deep Foundations Workshop” coming up soon.

Could someone explain how the Workshop will be different than the materials covered in two existing video courses? That will help in determining which course to enroll. Thank you.

Welcome to the Forum @improviseforrealtony

Since none of us have done the new course yet the best person to explain would be David Reed ( @ImproviseForReal ). I hope he’ll see this & have time to respond.

Hi @improviseforrealtony, welcome to our forum! We’re encouraging everyone to sign up for IFR Deep Foundations because this replaces many of our earlier courses. The specific course you mentioned (Introduction to Melodic Improvising) was created as a sort of introduction to improvising with the IFR method, and those lessons were taught by Jelske.

In our new Deep Foundations workshop, Jelske herself will be providing a whole new series of video lessons for melodic instruments, and the new series is much better than her video lessons in Introduction to Melodic Improvising.

Also, in Deep Foundations you will get a whole new series of ear training lessons from Mireia which expand on the methodology you learned in Ear Training for Musical Creativity. In that video course, Mireia showed you how to master the sounds of the major scale in what we call the “first harmonic environment”, which is when we’re feeling note 1 as our tonal center. Deep Foundations will take this ear training to the next level by expanding this to include all seven harmonic environments of the major scale. The pace will necessarily be faster, but with the foundation you already have from Ear Training for Musical Creativity, I think you’ll find Deep Foundations to be a very exciting next level.

Early next year you’ll actually see us replacing the course Introduction to Melodic Improvising with new video lessons taken from the Deep Foundations workshop. So if you have the opportunity to join us now for this workshop, my advice would be to definitely take this workshop in place of Introduction to Melodic Improvising. With our new workshop, you’ll be able to keep all of the lesson content forever, so our new workshop makes that earlier course essentially obsolete.

I hope that helps. Is there anything else that I could answer for you to help you decide?


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Your detailed explanation definitely helped me decide. Thank you!

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