Melody path video

In the video Melody Paths (1 chord, 5 chord) :

At 3:12 in the video you removed the 5 note (when you were making the F Chord ,[one chord]) from the A string as you had a 5 note on the B string. When you play that chord you have to pick the 6 string and then the 4th /3rd and 2nd string. Why did you not include the open A string which would be a 3rd note and also why did you not include the open 1 string which is the 7th note.(You could have just Barred the first fret) Just curious. I find working out the notes harder at the nut because of the open strings.

I also don’t understand when you’re making the five chord why are you not including the 2 note. You have the 5/7 and 4 notes but not the 2 note. And when you play the 5 chord you are singing 2 but there is no 2 note being fretted. Couldn’t you add the third fret on the high E string which would be a 2 note ( i realize the fingering would be hard) ?

I was also wondering why in this video you didn’t use just a standard F bar cord and a standard C-bar chord. It would’ve been a lot easier rather than these more advanced chords.

Let me know


@randy You write the above as though it’s directed to a single person rather than to the forum? If you wish to raise the attention of a particular person it’s a good idea to place their user name in the message as an @ tag, as I have done for you at the start of this reply.

I hope that helps.

I have some questions about the video. I am directing my questions at anybody who can help.

@randy It’s hard for me to see how anyone other than the person who produced the video (most likely David Reed, i.e. @ImproviseForReal ) could answer those questions?

Hi @Randy,

There was no formula behind that decision. I just grabbed enough notes to express the chord clearly. It was just a comfortable way to play the chord and it had all the notes I needed, so that’s all that was going on there. The guitar always offers you many different ways to express any chord, and that’s part of your creative freedom on the instrument.

The decision to leave note 2 out of the 5D chord is also totally up to you. In the context of that exercise, you don’t need to hear note 2 in order to feel and appreciate the chord. Note 2 is the fifth of the chord which doesn’t add a lot of color, so if we have to choose between including note 2 and including note 4 (the two choices we have on that G string), then I would prefer to include note 4 because it adds more color to the chord.

But again, these are arrangement choices that we improvise in the moment and I encourage you to explore every possible grouping of the chord notes that you can imagine. You’ll get to know the sound and feel of different combinations of notes, and you’ll gradually form your own preferences and ideas based on the sounds you want in each given moment. I hope that clarifies the choices I made in that video lesson. Thanks for asking the question.

And thank you @DavidW for tagging me so that I saw this thread. I really appreciate your participation in this forum and especially your kindness to new members. I hope you’re doing well!


Fine thank you David ( @ImproviseForReal ). @Jelske 's Introduction to Melodic Improvising course has been great (as were your Chord Melody courses, of course, indeed those ideas feed into my IMI work) but I’ve had time to gain a bit more playing experience since then and things have been coming together very nicely. I’m starting to feel like I’m playing the instrument not just poking it (that’s an exaggeration, but I hope you know the sort of thing I mean).

And I’m about to start a new adventure too. I already had a ‘Railboard’ Chapman Stick on order before Emmett’s recent passing. The Railboard will still be delivered as Stick Enterprises is an ongoing concern (Emmett’s daughter Grace is now the lead) but it will be many months till I receive it (that’s just the way of things with a Stick as each one is an individual). However just this week I’ve had the opportunity to obtain a used Stick, a 1980’s model in fine condition. I hope to have that by around the end of the week, so as @jelske’s course rounds off I will have a new avenue on which to try out & express all these wonderful IFR concepts that you, @MireiaClua & @Jelske have introduced me too. :slight_smile:

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That all sounds wonderful, @DavidW. I’m glad that you’re continuing to open new doors musically. It’s wonderful that you can be so open to learning new instruments and new ways of playing. I wish you a lot of enjoyment with the Chapman Stick you just picked up, and I hope you like the new one even more when it arrives. I hope you’ll share some of your experiences with the group once you’ve had a chance to explore the instrument a little bit.