Next workshop is when?

I’m a bit behind and notice the end is next weekend. Is there a second workshop coming and if so when? I need to schedule my learning and practice time to be ready for the next workshop if it’s ready


I can’t be certain if there will be a follow up to the current Deep Foundations workshop, moving on to more advanced aspects of IFR, but I hope there will. :smiley:

As for the Deep Foundations workshop itself, it was made clear in the promotional material for the workshop that full workshop, with both video content and an interactive forum for participants, was to be a one-off event, not to be repeated. I believe that at some stage @ImproviseForReal hope to package some of the Deep Foundations lesson content in different ways in the future, but not as a re-run of the interactive workshop.

I hope that helps.

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Im pretty sure David did say this was the first of yet to be developed series. Though no specifics.

I’d put in my diary that it ended this week, which concerned me as HE 7 is yet to be covered.

Will be missed greatly.

David has mentioned in a workshop discussion post that the run is going to be extended to the end of the month & that HE7 will be covered. There’s been so much material they could not fit it into the original schedule. :smiley:

A similar thing happened with the Jazz Study Group. :slight_smile:

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This was in David’s “Last Chance” email dated 9/15/2023:


This is our final announcement about our [Deep Foundations workshop which begins tomorrow.

You might be wondering why we are working so hard to promote this workshop. What’s so special about IFR Deep Foundations?

  1. We will never offer this Deep Foundations workshop again. We will certainly try to package some of the lesson content in different ways in the future. But the workshop itself will never be repeated.

  2. This workshop is the beginning of a whole new journey. Going forward, we will be creating a whole series of these workshops that will take you through the entire IFR method just like a college course (freshman year, sophomore year, etc.).This is why these workshops cannot be repeated. In our spring 2024 workshop we will already be working at the next level, learning a complete approach to improvising over chord progressions. So now is your chance to catch this train and take the complete journey with us!

  3. The foundation we can give you is life changing. With the investment you have already made in learning your instrument, you have SO much to gain by understanding harmony and connecting with your ear. This workshop will show you how to enjoy a truly creative music practice in your life.

This is the last time you’ll hear from me on this workshop. If you just can’t participate, we totally understand. But our greatest wish for all of you is to experience the beautiful way of practicing that we’re going to be teaching in IFR Deep Foundations.

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Aha thanks. I missed that. Works for me!! :slight_smile:

Thank you Bruce!

@steve That’s exactly the ‘promotional material’ I was thinking of, so my ‘hope’ is based on a pretty strong indication. :slight_smile:

Or, on refllection, maybe you mean the bit about Deep Foundations remaining open till the end of the month? Either way there’s lots of interesting IFR stuff to look forward to. :smiley:

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Yes I meant the extension. Sorry I keep forgetting the threading is manual here

…but quoting is super easy. :smiley:

Aha, never spotted the button before just now as I was selecting text to quote! :smiley:

Yes, looks like there is lots more to come, I’m certainly looking forward to more of the super stuff we’ve been getting of the current course.


Hi @Musica, sorry for my very late contribution to this conversation. It’s actually for the very reason you have all been discussing. We have all been so buried in work for the Deep Foundations workshop that I fell behind on everything else. Again, my apologies.

But you’re not too late to join our next workshop! On January 6 we will be leading a group of students through our workshop “Ear Training for Musical Creativity”, which is by far our most popular and successful workshop. The goal of the workshop is to cement the connection between your ear, your imagination and your instrument. So it’s the ideal follow up to Deep Foundations, but it’s also a perfect entry point into the method itself. The workshop is open to everyone, and it’s our most complete workshop for really establishing the fundamental elements of a creative music practice that is deeply connected to the ear.

You can learn more and sign up on this page:

Then our next workshop will be in March. That workshop is called “Pure Harmony Essentials” and it will be an introduction to improvising over chord progressions with the IFR method. So that one’s going to be a lot of fun as well.

If there is anything else I could answer for you about any of our workshops, please don’t hesitate to post again here. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this thread, and I hope to see you in one of our workshops!

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