Standalone IFR Guitar Course vs IFR book and vids

The “standalone” guitar course for 150 dollars is tempting but outside my allowance range. Is the book/playalong tracks combo likewise a “standalone” learning system for guitar? Does it make it clear with each step how i apply the insights on the fretboard?

Hey, I play guitar and I also have the book, I would recommend getting the book first as the video courses are all based from the book, so I think getting the main source of the information first is important.
I don’t have the guitar course, but I do have the “Ear training for musical creativity” one. These courses are great because they show you exactly what you have to do and makes it easier to practice, but all the information is already in the book.
I would get the book with the jam tracks, read it and practise all the exercises, and then save up for a while in order to get the video course.

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The book is instrument agnostic (i.e. not aimed at any particular instrument) except for a two short sections early on in the book, one for guitarists, the other for bassists, suggesting how they might approach the early exercises.

I started with the book, then added various courses of the years. As @Asuryan wrote above, everything is based on the book. Just using the book alone could keep you usefully & entertainingly occupied for years!

The courses & other materials are to an extent worked examples and aids to working with the ideas detailed in the book.

In the IFR approach even the courses aren’t things you tick as ‘done’, then move on. All the ideas & approaches are such that you tend to cycle through things multiple times, picking up deeper & deeper understanding each time.

PS. There’s quite a lot of free stuff on the IFR youtube channel too, again based on ideas in the book.

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The book contains much more detail than the guitar video course, but the latter is easier to use as it guides you through each of the important things to be familiar with in a familiar format of video lessons. If you are able to work well with the written word, the book is great as it explains the whole concept and each step in gaining familiarity in clear and concise language. I frequently go back and read what David has written even though I mostly use the video course.

Be aware that the book explains some of the more complex material on mixed environments that the videos dowant cover. These mixed environments are fundamental to playing most music as songs rarely seem to stick to diatonic chords only.

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Welcome @Peter_Wilson to the group. As the others have said, the book is the best resource to start with, containing lots of background and explaining the method thoroughly. The Seven Worlds Jam Tracks are great to have for practicing along with.

From here I’d consider either Chord Melody for specific guitar work or Sing the Numbers to be a good next step.

Most importantly have fun on the journey!

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Thank you for all your helpful responses. This forum is highly active and populated with intelligent life forms! I hope to be as helpful to others here as I jump on board the IFR train. Of course, I will start with the book and jams. Best wishes to you all.