What is the best jam track player for Windows

What is the best jam track player for Windows 10 that has an equalizer, and allows the user to slow down the playback?

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My go to media player for WIndows is VLC Media Player, which is free, open source and crossi-platform.
https://www.videolan.org/vlc/ See also: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VLC_media_player

It has both features you mention;

The equalizer is in: Tools > Effects and filters

Changing speed is Playback > Speed

I’ve been using it since back in the days of Windows Xp. :slight_smile:

Autotune pro+

I’ve tried them all. For $30 it’s got great replay, transpose (without slowing track down), mark placement functionality. The best tool for transcribing.

Transcrabe! app for Windows - slow down, change pitch, loop.

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If a tool to aid transcribing is the aim, then I’m in the Transcribe! camp too. That can be found at the developer https://www.seventhstring.com/ . Autotune pro+ may well be great too, but since I’m more than happy with Transcribe! I’ve never had reason to try it.

However the question was about a flexible jam track player & for that I stick with VLC, which is free, so no downside to checking it first to see if it’s adequate for the purpose? :slight_smile:

I would mention Amazing Slow Downer. Which runs for most OS (win, mac, ios, android…).
It has the best sound quality ever. if the quality of the slowed down sound is important to you…
=> Does not do half of what Transcribe! does though.

Never knew it could slow down! :smiley:

Though I used to use Transcribe! I’ve been using SongMaster lately it has some good learning tools too. It uses “AI” to analyse the music and provide separate tracks (stems) which can be mixed (That might be the Pro paid version only now).

Old faithful Audacity is a good audio tool to.

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Thanks, lots to explore!

Welcome here @steve, looking forward to your inputs over here as well.

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I’ve been considering SongMaster too. I’ve had the demo & it’s very imprerssive what even that can do.

Probably the main reason for not making the purchase yet has been lack of time to do the first thing I’d want to use it for LOL!