Yes it's quiet, but we are still here

In case you’ve only just found, or are returning to , the forum you may wonder why it’s so quiet around here just now?

It’s because most of the active Forum users are occupied with the IFR Deep Foundations course that’s been running since mid-September 2023 through to early December. There’s loads of wonderful stuff to be doing there, and lots of chat too, so little time or opportunity to post here as well.

However, I at least still make a point of logging in here once, or often twice, a day just to check if anything has popped up or if there’s an unqualified new user’s post that needs to be released, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask about IFR, or just want to say ‘Hi’, don’t be shy. :smile:


Yes, indeed. Very quiet here just now, but I’ve been checking in too, just in case.

I’m really enjoying the course and connecting with others over there and hoping we can keep it up over here when it’s done.


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