Improvise For Real for Drumming?

Wondering if there’s a resource for learning how to drum in a method similar to improvise for real?

@jackbat4 it depends on what you mean by drumming, but if you mean learning to feel and use rhythms like IFR helps you hear and use sounds then look here

Their Rhythm Vocabulary book is great, but so is lots of their stuff. Not traditional drum lessons, but neither is IFR traditional. See the free lessons for a taste.

I find this short PDF to be amazingly helpful in feeling rhythms and time. If you don’t play piano, just tap on your thighs as you play a metronome. Looks easy. But try it. Do everything he says, and then try your own combinations.

And here’s 4 minutes of wonderful advice from Chick Corea The "Secret" to Improving Your Rhythm and Time by Chick Corea - YouTube

Another relevant thread with other resources: This does for RHYTHM. what IFR does for harmony

I’m sure I came across an IFR video of Jelske talking about rhythm, using the Kodaly terminology I think. I can’t remember where or when I saw this, it could have been advertising a (live?) workshop (maybe?) I’m not sure.

Jelske runs a rhythm course.Feeling the Rhythm She doesn’t use Kodaly terminilogy (Ta ,Ti Ti, Tika Tika, etc,). I believe she uses Takadimi or somthing similar.

However while it’s a course about rhythm isn’t really aimed at drummers.

Continuing the discussion, Hal Galpert recommended Mike Longo’s jazz rhythm course. Mike Longo played as the pianist Dizzy’s band. I bought the first course (out of four) to check it out, but I had to do it since it came with Hal’s recommendation.

The interview with Hal (Mike Longo is discussed starting around minute 54): Hal Galper Interview by Monk Rowe - 6/27/2022 - Zoom - YouTube

Interview with Mike himself: Mike Longo Interview by Monk Rowe - 1/13/2019 - NYC - YouTube

His rhythm masterclass:

@DavidW How many practice tracks roughly are in the feeling the rhythm course? I assume it’s good but want to get a rough idea of what material it covers.

EDIT: I was listening to the Mike Longo interview, and he gets asked whether there are wrong notes in improvising. He says there are no wrong notes, but there are wrong lines. Then he says: “Relief is a half note away”. It’s great to see the IFR stuff being mentioned in other places, but so funny that I never heard it (or did but passed over it) before I started with this method.

The course is a mix of videos, audio instruction, and Jam Tracks that in the on-line version of the course run over 10 weeks so I don’t have a simple numeric answer to that question. If the course page doesn’f answer your questions you could ask @Jelske?

IIRC another place this comes up is in Victor Wooten’s book “The Music Lesson”?

Yeah. It’s also there and I read that book after IFR even though it had been sitting in my to-read pile for years.

Hi Martin and @DavidW. This is Jelske answering some questions on the Feeling the Rhythm course.
This course offers a program to study rhythm in a fun and creative way with solfège based the TaKaDiMi system.

I use IFR Jam Tracks level 3 to practice along with. Next to that I have created 48 jamtracks of my own to practice with. As well as 42 audio practice tracks which are helpful to practice the rhythmic solfège along with (compare it to Sing the Numbers).

This auditive way of practicing helps students embody the rhythm and create from rhythmic perspective. It doesn’t help you to technically play the drumset though. So I’m not sure if this is what you are looking for.

Happy practicing Martin!

Thanks for the answer. Exactly what I was looking for.