Tears in Heaven

I’m continuing my deep dive into The Rose as recommended by @ImproviseForReal, but @DavidW posted this lovely cover of a favourite song of mine. Thinking to take this on as my next project, watch this space! :grinning:

I particularly thought (& hoped) you might like it that one @mem . Great cover. :slight_smile:

PS. Singing and playing the Stick at the same time is quite rare, not many players do it.

So, when a tried playing some guitar in standard tuning, I attempted this song by following a couple of YouTube tutorial videos, so I have an idea of the chord sequence.

But, I’m going to try it with my P4 tuning, and approach it IFR style. I’ll again start by figuring out the melody in numbers.

So far I’m hearing
31 553 4432132

Going to stick with this first line for a bit. Don’t know what the chords are, I could look it up, but I’m going to try not to, just listen.

I hear a bass line walking down. This is how I think it fits with the melody

[1] 31 | [7] 55 | [6] 3 | [5] | [6] 44 | [5] 321 | [5] 32

which is already sounding quite nice.:slightly_smiling_face: